About Me

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, David studied acting at the Actor’s Center before finding his real calling behind the camera. His first break was working for a commercial editing house, before completing a Bachelor in Film at the University of Technology, Sydney. As an editor, he has edited three features, won a Best Editing award for a short film “Blind Date”, and co-edited the Austin best documentary winner “WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception”. David worked for major post houses Technicolor and Deluxe in New York, working on many films including “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Michael Clayton,” and Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock”. As a Colorist, David has color corrected features, documentaries, shorts, music videos and fashion shows for Gucci, Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham and more.

David’s first feature as Writer / Director is Siji:Driver which won the Best Feature Film and Best Original Score awards at the 21st Long Island International Film Expo 2018. David was also nominated for Best Director. He has also directed a bilingual TV pilot called Fashion City, short films, commercials, TV programs, and live events. He is an alumnus of ScreenwritingU and has written multiple high-concept screenplays.

David's latest adventure is creating, showrunning, writing and directing the first season of A GOOD COP for NTD Television. This ten episode drama series follows three officers in the NYPD as they wrestle with moral dilemmas on a daily basis.

“I love powerful, emotionally satisfying stories that bring a sense of wonder and magic, while keeping a pulse on the core values of integrity and kindness. I believe that Movies and Television are the perfect intersection of art and commerce and have the power to change the world.” — David Chai